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Welcome To PremEar Hearing!

We treat our patients as we would treat our own family, providing personalized care and services to meet your unique hearing needs. We take great pride to make sure you are hearing your best, which is why we provide thorough counseling and education, whether it’s about your hearing loss treatment or caring for technology!

We Offer You PremEar Service At An Affordable Price

PremEar Hearing Clinics has been providing superior and compassionate care to hearing-impaired individuals in Central Florida since 2009. Our two family-owned locations provide you with quality hearing products and an excellent patient experience. We provide financing options to fit your budget with zero-percent interest to you. We also accept many insurance plans. At PremEar Hearing it is our goal to better your hearing and quality of life in a private and comfortable setting that makes you feel at home.

Our Customer Benefits

  • FREE Hearing Consulation
  • FREE Hearing Test
  • FREE Family Counseling
  • Free Maintenance Plans
  • FREE 30-Day Trial
  • FREE Lifetime Servicing
  • FREE Unlimited Cleanings
  • FREE Unlimited Adjustments
  • FREE Updated Hearing Exams
  • FREE Reprogramming
We’re Proud Members of:

Hearing Aid Technology

To meet your custom needs, we offer most major manufacturers and brands of hearing devices. We offer only the finest products at affordable prices.

Complimentary 30-Day Hearing Aid Trial!

We are so confident in our customer service and ability to find a custom hearing solution for you that we offer all our patients a free trial for 30 days. See how our solutions positively impact your life with the peace of mind our trial provides. We want you to be completely satisfied in your new hearing aids.

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Did You Know?
360 Million people worldwide have hearing loss
one third icon white
One-third of people over 65 years of age are affected by hearing loss
hearing loss affects icon white
hearing loss can affect one ear or both ears
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people with hearing loss wait far too long. Don't wait to contact us.
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90% of Americans who have tinnitus also have hearing loss
depression icon white
reports of depression are higher in US adults with hearing loss, at 11.4%
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Schedule An Appointment Today!

If you are interested in what we can offer you, please feel free to contact us directly. A member of our experienced team will be delighted to take your call.

Great place staff and doctors…

They are very knowledgable about their products. They take great pride in the items they sell and do not push anything on you. Plus they do all the work with your insurance company. You’ll have no worries!